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Global Window Tinting Options

Window tint is by appointment only!!

Please contact us at 740-659-TINT or you can book your quote or install appointment right here on the site by clicking here. There is no cost to book an appointment with us. 

Global Ceramic IR Window tint

Ceramic QDP is one of our most popular window films. Once you start to understand the incredible qualities of this film, it’s not difficult to see why so many tinting professionals rely on Ceramic QDP to deliver exceptional results. This film rejects considerable amounts of heat thanks to its nano-ceramic technology, providing customers with a cool, comfortable cabin even in excessive temperatures. This technology does not interfere with radio signals, providing convenience for motorists who are using wireless devices. A long-lasting, reliable choice, this film will never fade to purple, crack, or delaminate – guaranteed.

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Contact us for a quote

All cars are different and all prices on this site are estimates. Please contact us with your make and model and tint requirements to get a quote. 

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